Flower Pot Door Decor


I've scoured the internet searching for ideas for my door hanger this month. I saw these cute watering cans and decided to give it a try. There were so many different versions but I knew I wanted mine to be made out of a real watering jug that I had laying around.


Water jug


Utility Knife

Spray paint

Glue gun and glue



1. I already owned this jug from Home Depot, but was going to recycle it as I don't like how the water sprays. So this is an upcycle. AKA a win!


2. Using your utility knife, cut along the seams of the jug that you are able to reach. TIP: make multiple light passes before trying to cut deeply. That will make it a lot easier to get all the way through.


To reach under the handle, open the jug once you've cut the outside in two.

3. Now you spray paint. I went with Rustoleum Hammered in Dark Bronze. I love the texture that it gives the container.


4. Gather your flowers.I didn't use all the flowers here. I had to play around with to see what I actually liked. After all, I am no florist.


5. I used my glue gun to get the flowers to stay. I found it easiest to assemble while hanging on the door. The jug is hanging by its handle.