Easter Bunny Wreath

DIY Easter Bunny Wreath

I can't believe I've never made a wreath before. I wanted to dress my door up this season so I made an Easter Bunny Wreath. Check out how below!


Supplies that I did not own, I purchased at Michaels.

  • Ashland Bush Gerbe 3 Bundles: $3.99 40% off each

  • Asland 10" Wreath x2: $4.99

  • Ashland 12" Heart Wreath: $7.99

  • Household items:

    • Scissors

    • Cupcake holders

    • Glue gun

easter-bunny-wreath supplies.jpg


2.  wreath.jpg
easter-bunny-wreath together.jpg

1. Use your ribbon to tie the two wreaths together. I chose green to match the Bush Gerbe but brown would look great too. The wreath with less twine (appears smaller) should be on the top.

Knot the ends. Make sure you tie the ends of the knot tightly so it does not unravel. It does not need to be neat as the leaves will cover it.

2. Cut the heart wreath on both sides below the wire that holds the twine together to ensure it does not unravel after being cut. This will be the ears.

3. Place the ears where you visualize want them to go. It is okay if they are uneven. If needed, you can twist them to shape differently. You can use the cupcake flowers later on to make it appear even. Tie in place with the green ribbon.

easter-bunny-wreath cut .jpg

4. Cut the branches off the stem. The stem is wire, so make sure to cut the plastic part of the branch.

easter-bunny-wreath glue.jpg

5. Place the leaves around the wreath and make sure it looks okay for you! Once you've done that, glue them down with hot glue. This is the most tedious part, but once you've done this, you're almost to the finish line!

easter-bunny-wreath cupcake.jpg

6. Okay grab those cupcake liners! I used 4-5 liners for each cupcake. More or less depending on how full you want it! Now I'm thinking how cool this would be with coffee liners.... I smell another project.

7. I included a video demonstration here. Lay the liner flat. Fold it in half three times. Round the edges. You do not have to cut any further depending on the look you want. Or you can cut two triangles at the top. I did both to achieve different looks.


Use the hot glue and glue each cupcake liner down on top of each other.


Last, start gathering the liner from the center to form the flower.


Get creative!

easter-bunny-wreath final.jpg

8. Play around with the flower placement until you are happy with where you want to place it. Then hot glue it into place.

You now have a custom Easter Bunny Wreath!