Professional Canvas Frame

professional-canvas-frame 16.jpg

I adore canvas prints, but I don't love that there is no frame. A frame adds so much and makes the print look rich instantly. So let's make our own!


150grit sanding block

1x2 lumber from your local hardware store

Canvas print

Miter gage box

Wood filler

Wood glue

Optional: brad nailer


professional-canvas-frame 2.jpg

1. Measure each side to determine how many inches of 1x2 you’ll need to buy. Mine was 27.6”. Multiply that X4 (for each side) and I needed 108”. You should add about 8” to what you need since we are going to be cutting at angle to get that professional look. You’ll see below.

professional-canvas-frame 4.jpg

2. You are going to start by cutting a 45° angle on one end of your board. The miter box is labeled for you.

Your hand saw should look like this. Try to find your rhythm so you get as clean a cut as possible. It took me less than a minute to do a cut.

professional-canvas-frame 7.jpg

TIP: If you look closely, you can see that I am not cutting directly on the line I created. The blade itself measures approximately 1/8” so you must account for that. Simply, put the blade slightly to the left or right of the cut line you drew.

professional-canvas-frame 6.jpg

3. Cut the other end of the wood. I am not using the measuring tape anymore. Just place the wood against the canvas and mark. The angle should be cut in the opposite direction of the other side. That way, when put into place, it forms a square. This will make more sense later on...keep going. 

professional-canvas-frame 8.jpg

4. This is why the two ends are cut in opposite directions. I hope that makes sense! Glue each side to each other. I also used Brad nails (although wood glue alone is strong enough), however I didn't want to hold it in place until it dries. You can purchase fast drying glue or a CA accelerator that will dry the glue instantly.

professional-canvas-frame 11.jpg

5. Apply wood filler to any seam that has a gap. It goes on pink, but will dry a natural wood color.

professional-canvas-frame 12.jpg

6. Sand it down until it is smooth. It should look similar to this.

professional-canvas-frame 13.jpg

7. Spray paint in the color of your choice.

professional-canvas-frame 15.jpg

8. Now enjoy your beautiful professional canvas frame.